Book Review: Exploring Christian Theology, Volume I

For most people theology is a dry subject. Even for pastors most books on systematic theology (the doctrines of the Christian faith systametized from the Bible) is often extra dry. And that’s unfortunate because understanding what the Bible teaches about God as triune and understanding the nature of the value of the Bible itself is essential to knowing and living the Christian faith.

That’s why I loved reading Exploring Christian Theology Volume I: Revelation, Scripture and the Triune God edited by Nathan D. Holsteen and Michael J. Svigel. They captured the truth of Biblical teaching in an engaging way. This book will provide a great resource to liven up my own teaching/preaching especially when it comes to the Bible and to the Trinity.

Here’s why I found this book so engaging. It’s concise. There’s much to say, but they tighten their focus to key texts but not all texts in the Bible on the topic. They use every day examples as well as brief snippets of major historical teachers. They point out distortions and their dangers along the way. Best of all they give modern day examples to illustrate Biblical truth in language every day people not just seminary professors will understand. For those who want to go deeper, there are recommendations throughout the book to build your library.

With the focus on knowing God and not just knowing about God, Exploring Christian Theology provides a primer for pastor and people to use. Memory verses along the way provide building blocks for planting theological truth in deep in one’s heart. Principles to put into practice keep the focus one very day application. I look forward to other additions to this series.

I give Exploring Christian Theology 5 out of 5 stars. This book is a great resource for teaching the faith as well as those who want to learn more of the over all themes the Bible teaches. My thanks to Bethany House for a free copy to review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review of the book just an honest one.


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