Book Review: A Commentary on Exodus by Duane A. Garrett

Exodus is the defining event for the Jews of the Old Testament and a foreshadowing event for Christians in the New Testament. That’s why getting a handle not only on the Exodus event but the book of Exodus itself is vital to not only understanding the faith but growing in the faith.

That’s why I liked Duane A. Garrett’s addition to the Kregel Exegetical Library: A Commentary on Exodus. He digs into the book of Exodus and guides his readers to the treasure of the Exodus story.

Some of the features I especially appreciate in this commentary are:

Highlighting place in Egypt that are significant for the reader to know. Instead of simply reading the Exodus story this gave me a greater awareness of locations and events as well as the historical flow of the story.

I loved his outline of Exodus as it is designed to preach and to teach. Instead of emphasizing the 10 plagues, he sees them in the context of the 12 miracles of God. Instead of getting bogged down in a wilderness journey, he frames the outline as Israel’s journey to God. These brief 2 pages provided great value as well as the more detailed structure outline for how Garret breaks Exodus down to 7 parts.

The commentary section features detailed translation, brief commentary and highlighting key theological points with the occasional excursus. The strength of this section for me was the detailed translation that is well foot noted that provides a clear view of what the text says. He not only goes verses by verse but phrase by phrase, and at times word by word. The way the translation is set up it encourages such focus and depth.

The key theological points provides the focus for preaching. Garrett ties Exodus into the overall story of salvation. The role of Exodus is highlighted in the overall Biblical story. Such theological points provide the meat for preaching and teaching the text. I did however miss the focus on a preaching outline that is prevalent in other commentaries in the Kregel Exegetical Library series. The combination of strong exegesis with a focused eye toward preaching is the unique value I have seen in other volumes in this series.

I give A Commentary on Exodus 4 out of 5 stars. The commentary provides a good dig into the text. I recommend it for pastors and teachers who want to excavate a detailed translation of Exodus I wish the homiletical focus had been more clearly presented.

My thanks to Kregel Academic Books for a free copy to review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review just an honest one.



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