Book Review: Fairness is Overrated and 51 Other Leadership Principles by Tim Stevens

Leaders lead. Wise leaders also learn, and really wise leaders will take the time to learn from Tim Stevens latest book, Fairness is Overrated and 51 Other Leadership Principles. In bite size chapters, Tim packs powerful insight from dealing with change to staff to time management to leveraging leadership.

The chapters range from 3-4 pages, but in those pages there is great wisdom. I especially appreciated the questions at the end of the chapter for further reflection and the notes at the end of the book for going deeper. The result is a book of practical wisdom from one who has not only been in the trenches but navigated his way through.

Tim could have merely focused on his successes at Granger Community Church (and other places) but he’s transparent with his failures and his challenges. Tim does not come off as the expert but a fellow traveler on the leadership journey pointing out pit falls and opportunities along the way.

The 52 chapters are spread out over 4 parts:

1. Be a Leader Worth Following

2. Find the Right People.

3. Build a Healthy Culture

4. Lead Confidently through a Crisis

The chapters that dealt with change and leveraging meetings I found most valuable as they gave me a new perspective in dealing with next steps. One of my favorite phrases from the book is “Focus on Five”: Identifying 5 areas for the whole church to focus in the year ahead. Such a focus builds unity and banishes silos.

I made two mistakes reading this book, I read it quickly and I read it alone. The better pace for reading this book is  perhaps a chapter a day, and then journal answers to the questions and insights for personal growth. Reading this book with a leadership team on a weekly meeting basis provides intentional time for building team leadership.

I give Fairness is Overrated and 51 Other Leadership Principles 5 out of 5 stars. This was a valuable book for my own leadership development, I look forward to raising its value with the team I lead. My thanks to BookLook Bloggers for a free copy to review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review, just an honest one.


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