Book Review: Leadership Lessons: Avoiding the Pitfalls of King Saul by Ralph K. Hawkins and Richard Leslie Parrott

I’m a fan of best practices that’s why I was a bit reluctant at first to read Leadership Lessons: Avoiding the Pitfalls of King Saul by Ralph K. Hawkins and Richard Leslie Parrott. Since I am teaching through 1 Samuel I thought this book might provide some interesting insights into Saul’s failure as a king. The book did. It also provided some best practices in contrast to worst practices of Saul.

I appreciated how Hawkins and Parrott provide not only good biblical insight but also practical leadership application. Through Saul’s failures one learns to leverage the challenges and difficulties of leadership.  Leadership Lessons provided good lessons in three ways for me.

First, I appreciated the engagement with the Biblical story of Saul. The priority placed on each event in his life and extrapolating lessons from what happened to Saul provided good principles to apply.

Second, I especially liked how the worst practice was flipped into a best practice and lessons were learned from the leading leadership experts in our day. For me that meant the most important chapter in the book was chapter 12 on how Saul Failed to Consult God, and the reverse lesson how can I be more aware of God’s guidance and follow His direction.

Third, I valued the discussion questions at the end of each chapter. They provide a system for personal assessment and needed reflection. The questions were not merely an afterthought, but provided great value for engaging the material and directing next steps in application.

Yet the most valuable questions were in chapter 12 that I will use in processing leadership challenges:

1. How can this challenge open me up to God?

2. How can I respond to this challenge in a way that is true to my best in Christ?

I give Leadership Lessons: Avoiding the Pitfalls of King Saul 5 out of 5 stars. I started reading with curiosity and found the book to be a great tool for growth. The book provides a great read for those who want to grow in their own leadership. My thanks to Thomas Nelson and BookLookBloggers for a free copy to review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review just an honest one.


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