Book Review: Speaker Leader Champion by Jeremey Donovan and Ryan Avery

While in college I took a class on Public Speaking, the professor treated us like a Toastmasters meeting. He taught us to prepare speeches, deliver speeches, and best of all to speak extemporaneously when asked a question.

What I loved most about Speaker Leader Champion: Succeed at Work through the Power of Public Speaking by Jeremey Donovan and Ryan Avery is how they synthesize the best principles of world champion toastmasters for every day communicators like me.

They not only provide 92 valuable tips for public speakers, they give practical examples from world champion winning toastmaster speeches. They take the theory and show how it works in speaking. Avery should know. He’s the 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking, and Donovan wrote another great book speaking, “How to Deliver a TED Talk.”

Some of the tips that I found immediately beneficial involved the use of criticism in Toastmasters that seeks to correct in a way that affirms what is good and points to what can be better next time. That helped me to process the tips that were shared. The one I immediately put to use dealt with eye contact for a specific period of time as well as slowing down between commas and periods in a manuscript.

That’s why I find books like this so valuable. They help me to see what others do well so that I can do better in communicating myself. Building off the Toastmaster approach, this has application to not only those in Toastmasters but also those who simply want to be a better public speaker.

What makes this book even more valuable is Appendix 1 which highlights insights from 9 World Champion Speakers. I found it interesting to compare what was similar and what was unique to each approach to speaking.

I give Speaker Leader Champion 5 out of 5 stars. This book is essential for those wanting to be Toastmasters champion but also for people like me who speak publicly. The tips were quick to the point, practical and immediately beneficial in being and becoming a better speaker.

Thanks to Jeremey Donovan for a free copy to read. I wasn’t required to review but simply want to encourage others to read a great book on public speaking.


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