Book Review: Futureville by Skye Jethani

When you start a book with one of my daughter’s rides at Disney World that had a positive impact on her life, you’ve got me hooked.

Skye Jethani opens up Disney’s Carousel of Progress and it’s theme song, “It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow.” What impacted my daughter’s life years ago, has become more of a haunting dream for a millennial generation. In his book, Futureville: Discover Your Purpose for Today by Reimagining Tomorrow Skye Jethani explains why and some problems along the way, even more he lays out a path to follow as well as some landmines along the way.

3 key insights for me  from Futureville:

1. “Our vision of the future determines how we understand the present.” This is the book’s key theme, looking primarily through the lens of millennials, but speaking well in today’s culture. Recognizing this truth is an obvious step, seeing how this plays out as in people’s engagement with Disney’s Carousel of Progress is one gift this book brings. Futureville then is the world of tomorrow laid out in God’s Word.

2. The response to the future of EvolutionEvacuation and Resurrection. Evolution seeks to build the future on human progress (not a great track record on this path). Evacuation relied on God destroying and replacing this world with no human interaction. Resurrection builds, even requires, God’s direct and miraculous intervention and includes community. When we bring God’s grace to the mix of future vision and present day reality, a whole new path is ready to be blazed.

3. Shalom offers humanity more than survival, Shalom offers human flourishing. This is more than an ideal concept, but a reclamation of the concept of vocation, work, and purpose in life. At the heart of Futureville is a desire to reclaim the understanding of vocation, of calling in life.

I give Futureville 5 out of 5 stars. I found tremendous value in seeing the future and today from a millennial perspective. Having seen responses that lean more to evolution or evacuation, the resurrection path blazed a positive trail into the future. Affirming that vocational calling is more than God calling a pastor, but people to all kinds of work was a great affirmation. Futureville provides a clear picture of present day reality and future possibilities in living out the grace of God.

My thanks to BookSneeze and Nelson Books for a free copy to review. I didn’t have to give a positive review, just an honest one.



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