Book Review: Satisfied by Jeff Manion

How much is enough? Even more how do you enjoy what you have? Do you hear God saying, “Enjoy this”? Or is life become the pursuit of getting more?

Satisfied: Discovering Contentment in a World of Consumption by Jeff Manion is a great read for discovering contentment. Whether one is drowning in debt or empty in luxury, Satisfied shows there is a better way.

Some of the lessons affirmed and learned through this book for me were:

1. Learning contentment is a lifelong journey. Jeff not only writes about contentment, he takes us on his journey pointing out his own life lessons and helping us to discover ours. One of his strengths as a writer and communicator is putting truth in every day situations. He not only writes of theory, but how God’s Word plays out in every day life.

2. Embrace those times God whispers “Enjoy this!” The road to satisfied and the journey to contentment is challenging road, but not meant to be a sad, tragic one. God invites us to receive those “enjoy this” moments in life and to give thanks for the One who provides so abundantly.

3. When comparison rules, the satisfied life goes away. Jeff’s parable  of the two brothers with the ice cream bowls showed the danger of when I lose sight of my bowl and compare it with others. The result is  contentment and gratitude quickly disappear when I take my eyes off what  what God has done for me to compare it with what God has done for someone else.

4. Generosity is key to the satisfied life. Jeff could easily have started here, but builds the case for how generosity is the ultimate path of contentment. Generosity realigns our priorities and our perspective. Generosity helps to enjoy even more what God provides and how we can bring joy to the lives of others.

Satisfied also provides some great questions for reflection and discussion as well as practical projects that guide readers on the path of contentment. Such reflection and projects help make Satisfied not only a great read, but a great way of life.

I give Satisfied 5 out of 5 stars. Jeff not only provides a guide for individual readers but also for small groups to travel together.

My thanks to Book Sneeze and Zondervan for providing a free copy to review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review, just an honest one.


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