Book Review: Praying the Attributes of God by Ann Spangler

Starting with Clement of Alexandria’s words, “I long for God, not the works of God”, Ann Spangler‘s, Praying the Attributes of God grabbed me. Ann throughout the book points her readers to a deeper relationship with God on a day by day basis.

She has the gift to take what could be dry theological concepts and infuse them with life in words that are easily understood. Omniscient has the chapter title: “God is Never Surprised”. God being immutable or unchangeable has the chapter title: “God is not moody.”

Though she looks at 17 various attributes of God, Ann is quick to point out “an attribute is an artificial construct, a helpful way to learn about God. But God cannot be divided into various attributes, nor will he act in ways that contradict himself.”

Praying the Attributes of God: A Daily Guide to Experiencing His Greatness

The advantage of digging into the attributes of God is seeing God more clearly. We learn to view life  more from his perspective than our own limited one.

The 5 day devotional format of each chapter provides a great way to not only dig into each attribute, but to grow in one’s own prayer life. Learning to pray in light of God’s patience was a valuable lesson for me to learn. As Ann writes, “Waiting on God should also improve our ability to hear his voice, because we have made space in ourselves to actually listen.” 

Making space for God. Actually listening for His voice was the great value of reading this book and why I give Praying the Attributes of God 5 out of 5 stars. This is a great book for individuals, small groups and churches to use who desire to grow deeper in their life with God and with God at work in their life.

My thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for a free copy to review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review just an honest one.

If you want to learn more about Praying the Attributes of God, you can check out the opening pages and chapters by clicking here.

You can also see Ann explain the book by watching this video: 


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