Book Review: Minding the Heart by Robert L. Saucy

The heart is who we are” according to Robert L. Saucy in his book, Minding the Heart. Or as Solomon puts it in Proverbs 4:23“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

Saucy provides a systematic study of the heart from the Bible. If there’s a  verse in the Bible about the heart, he seems to cover it at some point in this book. He is also able to do this in a way that is easy for his readers to comprehend, but challenging enough to see the full depth of how valuable the condition of your heart is to your spiritual life.

His most powerful story is that of his daughter’s death and how the psalms helped guide him through such grief. The story reflects how the study of the heart is more than an academic exercise, but a personal one. The goal is spiritual transformation. God’s target is the heart. His power is His Holy Spirit and His grace.

What surprised me in this book is how Saucy bring together thought — emotion — action in the heart. I had been taught  the Biblical perspective, emotion or compassion was located in the intestines, the will was located in the heart, and thought in the mind. All 3 need to be aligned by the Spirit, I just was surprised to see them all found in the heart.

I give Minding the Heart 4 out of 5 stars. Saucy’s exhaustive look at the heart in the Bible provides great value. Though strong in it’s systematic look, I was hoping for a stronger practical emphasis. The book provides a great tool for pastors and seminaries to study such a vital topic. The questions at the end of each chapter provide not only re-enforcement of concepts taught but also for personal reflection.

My thanks to Kregel Publishing for providing a free copy to review. I was not required to give a positive review, just an honest one.




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