Book Review: Secrets of Dynamic Communication by Ken Davis

The greatest lesson I learned from Ken Davis in speaking is to focus your message. Having heard an audio version of his SCORRE Conference years ago, I was eager to review what I had been taught and pick up some ways to fine tune my public speaking.

His revised and updated Secrets of Dynamic Communication  book not only help me review what I had learned, but build upon those basics to become a better speaker.

The key insight is to focus, focus, focus. Be able to summarize your speech in one sentence. You build from that foundation.

According to Ken, the purpose of SCORRE (Subject Central theme Objective Rationale Resources Evaluation) is two-fold:

1. A scope to force the speaker to focus on a single objective.

2. A logical grid forcing the speaker to make sense and lead the audience to the objective.

What I like about Ken’s book is how he draws from own his experience in teaching this method and even more in practicing this method. This is not written by a mere theoretician of speaking, Ken has practiced this craft for years. An added bonus to the book is his teaching style utilizes a creative and life building sense of humor.

This time around in learning of the SCORRE method, I appreciated what followed that opening part. The chapter on Maximizing the Communication Environment (Killing the Gremlins) told how and why proper lighting and sound is to speaking. Most resources say, make sure to have proper lighting and sound. Ken gave specific reasons why, including the pluses and minuses of wireless microphones to those on podiums to those held in one’s hand. He described the goal of lighting for a speaker is for facial expressions to be seen. A communicator is more than the words he speaks.

His words on eye contact in dealing with an audience and how to use effective body language showed specific ways to focus on individuals with a complete thought and not just a few seconds here and there of connection.

I give Secrets of Dynamic Communication 5 out of 5 stars. Ken does a great job of not only laying out a method for writing one’s speech, but also for delivery. Focus is key, but building on that foundation Ken shows how that structure can shine. I recommend this book to pastors and other communicators looking to fine tune and enhance their own speaking ability.

My thanks to for a free copy to review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review, I simply found it to be a great read and even more a great tool to enhance my speaking.


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