Book Review: Charts on the Book of Hebrews by Herbert W. Bateman IV

Getting to the point as well as accomplishing depth is one of my signs for a good book to read, especially a good book to read about the Bible. Charts on the Book of Hebrews is a great book for digging into Hebrews with a laser focus. That is if you like 104 lasers better known as charts.

I have become a big fan this year of Kregel Publishing’s series Charts of the Bible. Herbert W. Bateman IV in laying out charts for Hebrews does so in a way that covers a myriad of options.  I especially appreciated how he worked through 21 commentaries and succinctly summarized their work on the tricky issue of authorship for Hebrews and the even more vital theological teaching Hebrews provides.

My favorite charts in this book dealt with a closer look at Old Testament quotes putting the Hebrew, Septuagint and the Greek New Testament in parallel columns.

The 104 charts are laid out in 4 main parts:

1. Introductory Considerations in Hebrews.

2. Old Testament and Second Temple Influences in Hebrews.

3. Theology in Hebrews.

4. Exegetical Matters in Hebrews.

The Table of Contents lists all 104 charts as well as the sub-categories under each main part. In other words, this is an easy to use reference tool for someone teaching or preaching or wanting to simply dig deeper into the book of Hebrews. With his inclusion of 21 commentaries as well as other ancient texts, Qumran sources, and other reference material, if one wants to go deeper Bateman has pointed the way to drill down.

I give Charts on the Book of Hebrews 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this reference tool. It’s ease of use. It’s directness and depth make this a turn to first book when studying Hebrews. My thanks to Kregel Publishing for a free copy to review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review, I simply enjoyed the insights Bateman provided to know this great letter to the Hebrews even better.


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