Book Review: Unfinished by Steven K. Scott

Unfinished by Steven K. Scott is a bit of a prophetic title. Great idea, but the book ends us with incomplete execution unless you like the rapid fire Bible verse quote approach. Though the book is designed to be quick read (I like books like that), it felt like a bit more digging.

I appreciated the 4 callings that Steven laid out:

Achieve greater intimacy with God.
Accelerate your personal growth.
Empower the spiritual growth of other believers.
Impact the lives of nonbelievers.


They are powerful callings  worthy of consideration and further development.  And that’s what was missing in the book, further development. Instead it was a calling with 6 assignments followed by multiple action steps. These weren’t necessarily bad, but I felt I was reading an extended outline more than a developed concept. I felt I was reading a shotgun of spiritual bullet points instead of a laser that drilled down deep into the heart of the callings Jesus gives.

Even more disturbing I also found a lack of God’s grace and power in the book. My impression from reading was if I do this, God will do that. My understanding of faith is God has done this, and I empowered to do that.

Ironically the best chapters in the book  for me were the ones after the four callings. They dealt with detours in growing in one’s relationship with God and the best chapter simply laid out God’s promises from the Bible.

I give Unfinished 2 out of 5 stars. The topic is vital, the development incomplete. The value for some preachers and teachers will be the collection of Bible passages if they are looking for an extended outline to further develop. The lack of development of ideas beyond breaking a Bible verses into 3 phrases for 3 obvious points was a detriment for me.

My thanks for Waterbook Press and Blogging for Books for a free copy to review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review just an honest one.


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