Book Review: Plastic Donuts by Jeff Anderson

Giving is often a touchy subject in church settings. That’s what makes Plastic Donuts by Jeff Anderson such an intriguing book. His goal is to look at giving with the goal of making God smile. Such an idea flows of an encounter with his 3 year old daughter and the excitement she felt giving him a plastic donut to eat and the smile that brought to her face and his.

Too often the motivation for giving flows out of what the giver gets, but what if one’s motivation for giving is what God receives? What are you giving that makes God smile?

Jeff Anderson does a great job of walking through everyday life and laying out 4 principles that develop this idea: giving that delights the heart of the Father.

1. The amount matters.

2. We determine the amount.

3. God measures the gift based on our ability.

4. The condition of the giver’s heart makes the gift to pleasing to God.

Jeff provides a path for a generous heart that gives not out of guilt, but motivated by gratitude. Such giving impacts lives filled with generosity and joy. Yes, that involves money, but the book also opens the idea giving involves so much more.

I give Plastic Donuts 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a quick read that provides a fresh perspective to giving. The book is more than a good resource for a pastor working on a fall stewardship series. Plastic Donuts is for those who want to rediscover again the joy of giving, not only of finances, but of one’s life.

Thanks to Multnomah for providing a free copy to review without any commitment to a positive review, just an honest one.


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