Book Review: Galatians for You by Tim Keller

How can you not love a book that invites you to read, feed and lead? That’s exactly what Galatians for You by Tim Keller promises and delivers. Keller takes a great Biblical book, Galatians, and gives a guided tour of its meaning and impact then and today. 

Tim Keller gets that the gospel, the good news of salvation, is key to life. He also gets that it is often misunderstood. It was in Paul’s day. It is in our day.

Galatians for You provides great understanding of this incredible letter of Paul. In Galatians Paul affirms how essential the gospel of grace in Christ is so central to who Christ followers are and can be. In Galatians for You Tim Keller provides nuggets of gold from the text as well as an overall understanding of its incredible overarching theme.

Galatians for You is a great resource for individual and group study. Besides doing a great job of mining the text for its message, there are also reflection questions along the way to provide deeper thought.

I give Galatians for You 5 out of 5 stars. As this is the first book of the God’s Word for You series I am eager to see upcoming volumes that look at Romans, Psalms, 1 John and even Judges. You can find out more information by clicking here.


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