The Lift Project: Leading for Results: Orientation towards Growth

As one committed to life long learning, I thought everyone was wired with an orientation towards growth. Leaders are. That is good leaders are, especially those that lead for results.

Week 5 of the Leading for Results class with the  LIFT project looks at orientation towards growth. Key question this week is where are you stretching and growing in new areas?

Henry Cloud identified a great 3 step process when you learn something new:

Step 1: Mess up.

Step 2: Re-group / learn.

Step 3: Take another step?

Leaders who are oriented toward growth are willing to take that 3 step process often because they are able to learn with humility and risk taking (and even failing) is okay to learning.

My favorite quote this week was: “If at some point during the day, I’m not 100% freaked out and having a panic attack, then I’m not embracing a big enough plan.”

Part of the challenge is not only being growth oriented, but planning strategically to do so. Key is to find those farther down the road who have navigated the next steps. Building in accountability provides good feedback. Best way is through structured experiences. That’s why I am a big fan of the variety of LIFT leadership classes/experiences that are offered.

Next round of classes start on June 10, why not sign up today?


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