The Lift Project: Leading for Results: Embracing Negative Results

Leaders know to dream great dreams. But what happens when the dream turns into a nightmare? Do you go to denial or do you learn life lessons to move forward?

Week 5 of the Leading for Results class with the  LIFT project looks at Embracing Negative Results. In other words would do leaders who are optimistic by nature do with negative results. According to Dr. Henry Cloud, the best leaders embrace those results, they hug them. They fight the natural tendency of fight or flight and learn to flow.

Part of working through the class each week features on line videos and assessments as well as reading from Henry’s book, Integrity. As one who loves quotes some of the best lessons I picked up this week were quotes highlighted from Chapter 10: eating problems for breakfast.

“No problems, no profit.”

“Profit comes as a result of facing problems, so doing it is seen as a good thing, not a negative thing.”

“The only way out is through.”

“Blame is the parking brake for improvement.”

“You and I versus the problem.”

“Let the bad stuff go.”

“hard, easy versus easy, hard’

This week provided a good reminder that leaders deal with problems. It’s one reason why we are called to lead. Wise leaders embrace reality and leverage problem solving to learn from negative results, willing to take the hard road (perhaps the least traveled road of all) to the path where God leads.


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