Soul Food for Friday: 5 Great Lessons My Mother Taught Me

Typically Soul Food for Friday provides inspirational quotes to encourage you in the journey of life and to inspire you to full your purpose in life. This Mother’s Day weekend thought I should refer to the one who built that attitude in my life as she has demonstrated love for me all these years — my mom. She has taught and continues to teach me many great lessons, here’s 5 they stick out this day.

1. Care for Others

My mom has a strong heart for compassion, not just for me, but for all people. She helped/helps friends in need of support. She’s moved to care for the less fortunate and those in need. As I grew up I watched her give of her time, her heart, her prayers to help others. Any care factor I developed in my life is thanks to my mom.

2. Enjoy Good Food.

I did not fully appreciate my mom’s cooking skills until I went to college and discover the difference between great food every night to well not so great food. My mom can cook! She fed us good food and food good for us. Hershey Torte tops the list as one of my favorites as well as her roast beef dinners when I was growing up.

3. Work hard

I don’t ever remember my mom telling me to work hard, but I do remember my mom showing me how to work hard. She still does when she comes to visit. Part of a strong work ethic that helped me in college jobs and in my work today I learned by watching my mom work.

4. Remember to love your family

Like good food, too often I have taken family for granted. Year in, year out, my mom demonstrated loving our family and reminding me to do so as well. She sacrificed and served. She gave and was gracious. She set an example I seek to emulate in raising my own family.

5. Know Jesus

When I was in high school, my parents took the Kennedy Evangelism program. I was one of my mom’s practice partners. She not only taught me the right  answers to the “if you were to die tonight” questions. She taught me the value, even more the joy of knowing Jesus. Who I am today is because her parents passed the faith on to her, and she passed it on to me, and Sharon and I pass it on to our kids. Jesus is not just a great idea, He is a great savior — personal, intimate, caring, loving. My mom taught me that one!

Thanks to my mom and all the other moms who transform lives each day. We take a day to give thanks for what you have done and a lifetime to reveal how much love you have poured into our lives.

What great lessons has your mother taught you that still feed your soul this day?

And if you need some other Mother’s Day quotes to feed your soul, click here.


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