The Lift Project: Leading for Results: Know the Reality

Max de Pree noted, “The first job of a leader is to define reality.” Knowing the reality and overcoming resistance to see reality made week 3  of Leading for Results from the Lift Project such a vital class.

Extra special this week was the virtual classroom aspect where we as a class engage online with the video we are watching. Having an extra pair of eyes helps pick up nuances of the lessons learned in the 2 videos we watched.

Video 1: Know the Reality

Henry Cloud pointed out that great leaders have clear eyes to see reality, and even more hunger, thirst, seek until they find reality. He then laid out the principle of Assimilation-Accommodation.

Assimilation — Take in new information to see the new reality.

Accommodation — New information shifts your view to see the new reality.

Such an approach calls for leaders to be learning and not rigid in their leadership.

Video 2: Problems in Being Resistant to See Reality or Do You Have the 6 Sources of Truth Speaking in Your Life

Just because one sees a new reality doesn’t mean one is open to a new reality. We tend to like the status quo. Even more our perspective of reality is often skewed by own perspective. That’s why I appreciated Henry Cloud’s emphasis on 6 Sources of Truth

1. God’s Word — Great source of truth directly from God.

2. Direct Relationship with God — When we ask God to show us reality and truth, He loves to answer that prayer and teach us along life’s path.

3. Study External Truth — Read books, look at surveys for input and other outside sources.

4. Look for Internal Truth inside Me — Reflection and keeping a journal have proved beneficial in my life in this area.

5. Other People — Great mentor sand those who have faced the same issues and challenges in the new reality can be great guides along the path of truth.

6. Play the Video — That’s Henry Cloud speak for look at what happened as you dealt/deal with the new reality. Did you meet goals? What “fruit” happened in your response?

The emphasis to use not only one but all six areas was a good reminder to seek God’s direction and to expand hearing His voice beyond my own ears and what I may want to hear Him say, but to realize how God can speak to me in the lives and thoughts of others to provide greater clarity.

Another great week for our Leading for Results online class. What are your go to sources for discovering and defining reality in our world today?


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