Book Review: The Catalyst Leader by Brad Lomenick

When I first heard of Catalyst 12 years ago, it was announced as a gathering of leaders under 40 years old. That’s when I knew I made it to old. I had just turned 40.

A few years ago I came across the Catalyst podcast, and found my way into sneaking into all the great secrets under 40 leaders were picking up. Great ideas from Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel and Jud Wilhite. Then there were the legend leaders Chuck Swindoll and Dallas Willard.

Finally there’s a book for leaders of all ages The Catalyst Leader: 8 Essentials for Becoming a Change Maker by Brad Lomenick Granted the target audience is still for those under 40, but for those 50 plus there are some great insights, principles and quotes among the 8 essentials for becoming a change leader.

And if like me you have sat on the outside and admired Catalyst and wondered what it was all about, there’s the behind the scenes story to cover as well.

The Catalyst Leader is a great read for those who want to learn leadership and how to navigate the challenging road of change. The 8 essentials covered are:

1. Called

2. Authentic

3. Passionate

4. Capable

5. Courageous

6. Principled

7. Hopeful

8. Collaborative

In each chapter, Brad does a great job of weaving together his story, the Catalyst story, the stories of other catalytic leaders, a collection of great quotes, some strong leadership principles, and some young leaders worth watching that live out the principle cover. I know sounds like an encyclopedia’s worth of knowledge, but the chapters are easy reads as well as inspiring and even more applicable to every day leadership no matter your age.

I give the Catalyst Leader 5 out of 5 stars. It is a great read for leaders of all ages. It not only tells the story of Catalyst, but the story of how you can be a catalyst in changing lives now and for all eternity. 

The book comes with some great bonuses worth up to $600 that can be yours by clicking here.

Thanks to Brad Lomenick and the Catalyst team for an advanced ebook copy to review for free. I didn’t have to give a positive review just an honest one.

So what are you waiting for pick up your copy today. Those bonuses expire April 21!


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