Soul Food for Friday: Quotes from the April 2013 National Leaders’ Webcast

As a taste of the Global Leadership Summit this August 8-9, Willow Creek had its National Leaders’ Webcast. Besides introducing this year’s Summit Faculty or 13 Reasons Not to Miss the Summit, there were some great quotes I picked up to file away. May they feed your soul this Friday and lead you to become part of the 170,000 people globally who will attend/watch/experience the Summit in the year ahead.

“Everyone wins when a leader gets better.” — Bill Hybels

“Behind every leader attending, there is a story of impact.” — Jim Mellado

“Leadership is a craft, and you need to go where you can hone your skills.” — Bill Hybels

“When angry you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” – Bill Ury

“Best move in negotiation (and conflict) is to go to the balcony (a place of perspective) instead of the stage.” – Bill Ury

“Be soft on people, be hard on the problem.” – Bill Ury

The Summit brings “world class teaching that’s relevant to issues with a high challenge factor.” — Jim Mellado

“Your a leader. It’s your job to keep your passion hot. Go wherever you have to go. Do whatever you have to do to stay fired up as a leader. See you at the Summit.” — Bill Hybels

I’m in, how about you?


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