Soul Food for Friday: Quotes to LIFT Your Leadership

The Leader’s Soul. Shaping Culture. Leading for Transformation. 3 titles of LIFT online courses I have taken in the last year. 3 courses that have focused my leadership, lifted my spirits, and equipped me to be a better leader.

Since I am starting a new LIFT online course  on April 8th, Leading for Results, it seemed like the perfect time to review some great quotes, questions and ideas from the previous 3 LIFT courses to feed our souls on this week’s Soul Food for Friday.

A journal is “being honest with God about what is current in your life in writing.” — Mindy Caliguire

“Speed of the team, speed of the leader.” — Bill Hybels

4 questions to check to see if I’m living out of simplicity or duplicity:

1. Do I feel overwhelmed by options?

2. Do I feel burdened by impossible demands?

3. Do I buy more then I can afford?

4. Do I frequently desire to be more than I am? — Mindy Caliguire

“Are you a quarterback who makes plays or a coach who makes players?” — Shaping Culture, LIFT

“Leaders often focus on vision, not realizing that the shared values of an organization are what motivates people and drives their behavior. Values that are not shared by the team or demonstrated by the leader will not bring the driving factors behind the culture.” — Mac Lake

“The work of love is a sacred work like prayer and reading the Bible.” — Peter Scazzero

“Leadership is the most difficult place in loving relationships.” — Peter Scazzero

“Our first priority is to build people, not a program.” — Lance Witt

1) Are the people on your team better Christ followers because of your leadership?

2) Are those you lead better Christians because they’ve been hanging around you and your ministry? — Lance Witt

“If you cannot say, ‘Follow me,’ to your followers — and mean it — then you’ve got a problem. A big one.”  — Bill Hybels

Vision fire is “at the center of care for the heart is love for God … The love God, and only the love of God, secures the vision of God: keeps God constantly before our mind.” — Dallas Willard

“As leaders we can’t afford to drift with the current. We have to intentionally direct it, so that we can accomplish the bigger vision to which we are called.”  — Michael Hyatt

Dan Meyer laid out this acronym for Strategy:

Sight for the pathway.

Training for the Spirit

Equipment for life

Partners for the journey.

“You sow what you can do, but watch what God can do, He’ll blow your mind.” — Harvey Carey

“The best thing you bring to the table is a filled bucket.” — Bill Hybels

“The one unique role of leadership is to manage culture. When an organization’s culture is dysfunctional or maladaptive, it is the responsibility of the leader to break that culture and replace it with a new one.” — Edgar Schien

If we focus on the how, the what has a much better chance of being accomplished.” — Mindy Caliguire

“Build a commuity, not just a team.” — Mindy Caliguire

“We experience God most powerfully when we need Him most desperately.” — Gary Haugen

“What does it mean to be an effective, biblical leader in a local congregation?” — Michael Bonem

“Stay the course. Kingdom of God is a mustard seed. Lives transformed is what matters most.” — Peter Scazzero

And starting April 8th, some great lessons ahead to learn from Leading for Results with Dr. Henry Cloud!


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