Book Review: No Excuses by Brian Tracy

Ask Brian Tracy the solution to any problem and it seems the answer will be “self-discipline”. His great book No Excuses! not only talks about the power of self-discipline, it does so persuasively, passionately, and even better how it can be practically lived out each day. And make no mistake self-discipline is a daily issue.

According to Brian, “the development of self-discipline is the high road that makes everything possible for you.” That’s not just his outlook for one chapter of the book, that’s his outlook and commitment for all 21 chapters of the book. Step by step he shows, guides, and if need be cajoles the reader to step it up to a life of self-discipline.

The 21 chapters are covered in 3 main parts:

1) Self- Discipline and Personal Success.

Brian did a great job for me in laying out the value of self-discipline. He builds off a great Elbert Hubbard quote, “There are 999 other success principles that I have in my reading and experience, but without self-discipline, none of them work. With self-discipline, they all work.”  Good to remember as one deals with the Path of Least Resistance and the Expediency Factor.

This was my favorite part of the book as Brian laid out the value and power in a life of self-discipline. Brian especially convinced me the value of the self-discipline of setting daily goals especially the 10-Goal Exercise and focusing on the most important goal.

2) Self-Discipline in Business, Sales and Finances

In this part, Brian speaks especially to those in sales, his sweet spot of communication. But his self-discipline wisdom also focuses into leadership issues, work habits, and problem solving. His goal is through the development of self-discipline in your work, you join the top 10% in your field. For Woody Allen, the key to work is just showing up. For Brian Tracy, the key to work is self-discipline with no excuses. Woody’s way might get you a paycheck, Brian’s way will get you to the top of your field.

3) Self-Discipline and the Good Life

I appreciated Brian’s emphasis that the good life is more than the material side, but is ultimately the emotional and spiritual, and even relational areas of one’s life. In some ways we all know of the need for self-discipline in our physical health, our marriage and family relationships as well as discovering peace of mind. Yet Brian talks about the impact on one’s life when you have self-discipline.

Still the weakest part of the book for me was the chapter on friendship. I felt the emphasis was more on saying something positive than saying what is true. Positive talk to others will make you popular, but deep friendship I have discovered lovingly tells me what I need to hear.

I give No Excuses! 5 out of 5 stars. I was glad I made it part of my nightly reading, taking a chapter a night to focus on self-discipline and to work through the Action Exercises each chapter concludes with to put self-discipline into practice. You could read this book for a theory on self-discipline, I found it more valuable as a guide to apply self-discipline to my life.

Want to learn more? Click here for a video by Brian Tracy of his book No Excuses! and his 100% ironclad satisfaction guarantee.

What helps you grow in self-discipline? What hinders you?


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