Book Review: Soul Detox by Craig Groeschel

Our staff having heard Craig Groeschel at the 2012 Global Leadership Summit Simulcast, all came up to me and said, “We need to read his new book: Soul Detox.” Read it we did, and what a great read it is!

As I began reading the opening chapters and looking at the toxic behaviors he was writing about I wondered, how are we going to work through all this? We did so with great conversation and input. That’s what’s great about this book, it is awesome stand alone read, but it’s even better and life changing when processed with a group.

Dealing with Toxic Behaviors, Toxic Emotions, and Toxic Influences, Craig does so with a humorous way, a Biblical way, an honest look and a path directed towards clean living in a contaminated world.

At times the book was like looking in the mirror and saying, “Man, you got work to do.” The book showed the flaws and failures of my life. Even more Craig showed the path of forgiveness and a new way of life. The stories he shared of real life people dealing with some horrific situations and the contrast between being overwhelmed by the toxins of life and even better overcoming the toxins of life were powerful.

As a communicator and a leader, my favorite chapter was Chapter 3: Lethal Language: Experiencing the Power of Life Giving Words. When I am at my worst, my words can be cutting and condescending. When I am at my best, my words are encouraging and life building. Craig challenged me to look at how I use my words and to put more thought into each word that I say.

I give Soul Detox 5 out of 5 stars. It was a great staff read, even more it was a much needed personal read. As Craig says, “When we recognize the toxins that assault us daily, and discover ways to live in this world without absorbing these toxins into our souls, we can experience the ultimate spiritual intervention!” Thanks Craig for helping me to recognize my own toxins, and even more for experiencing the transformation that happens when I discover God’s plan for clean living in a contaminated world.


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