Evernote 4000

Since being introduced to Evernote in the Spring of 2011, I just hit 4,000 notes now saved. It use to be I would fill filing cabinets with illustrations, quotes, magazine articles, ideas (10 cabinets), but now I am more likely to file it in Evernote.

For me Evernote is an electronic filing system, where I put my messages, my posts, travel plans, copies of important documents as well as all those items that went in my filing cabinet. It helps organize media and quotes, pictures and principles I want to share.

Different notebooks from a general one, to specific one’s such as lists where I track my mileage are part of the Evernote system. Mainly I use Evernote for message illustrations.

Here’ s why I like Evernote better then my file cabinets in my office. The cabinets in my office are limited to my office for access. The files in Evernote are limited to finding a computer with Internet access. That means my work computer, my home computer, my ipod or any other computer. You simply access the web, and  sign on. You can also sync to your computer to save files to use offline.

Another Evernote plus is Web Clipper. You just highlight what you want to save  with your mouse, click web clipper, and a screen pops up for you to put the title, folder and file name or names you want. Yes another plus for me on Evernote is instead of being  limited to one file per item, I can list multiple files.

Want to know more about Evernote? Check out Michael Hyatt’s numerous blogson Evernote. He convinced me to get on it, and I have been thankful since day 1. I started with the free version, and later upgraded to the premium. Try it out for free. My desire to e-mail files to Evernote led me to the premium as well as the larger size I am allowed to use each month.

Have you tried Evernote? What have you loved best in what Evernote can do for you?


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  1. Evernote is a key part of my toolkit. I use it mostly for Reference material and current projects materials. I find using it on many platforms (Mac, PC, Apple iOS, Android, etc) to be a key feature as you can have access at home, work, mobile, and even offline.

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