Everyone Needs a LIFT

Back in the Spring of last year I stared a year long adventure of leadership and learning called the LIFT project. In the 3 classes I have taken so far, I have not only grown in my leadership capacity but even more importantly in a closer walk with God. (FYI — greatest way to grow in leadership capacity is to grow in your walk with God!)

Here’s a posting form the Willow Creek Association blog about the next round of LIFT classes. I strongly encourage you to sing up today and let the learning begin. I started with the Leader’s Soul or if you want a taste of multiple classes take Leading for Transformation. Check out Willow’s blog post on the LIFT proejct …

Everyone Needs a LIFT by WCAblog on 1/22/2013 1:22:47 PM

In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, most leaders find it difficult to make time or set aside budget for traditional leadership development programs or resources. Many leaders have expressed to us their sense of being overwhelmed, isolated, and even burnt out. They seek renewal and growth, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a program that works with them.
LIFT online courses are designed to renew and refresh the souls of ministry leaders through practical leadership development that is accessible and affordable way. It is a guided learning experience designed to inspire innovative thinking and inspired living.Proven Thought Leadership
World-class speakers and thought leaders facilitate inclusive lessons that are conveniently scheduled online and require less than two hours of the participant’s time per week. Course contents are thoughtfully developed through collaboration among pastors, veteran leaders, and teachers with unique insights into their respective topics. The assignments are then delivered with practicality in mind; it is essential that all learning experiences are relevant and applicable in the context of participants’ community and culture. After all, LIFT materials are more than information—it is application.

Much More Than A Class
Engaging in weekly discussions with ministry leaders around the world enhances the learning experience through deep connections and intentional engagement with a community of learners who desire to foster growth and new relationships. When leaders are strengthened, their influence is sure to permeate throughout their church communities, promoting a thriving culture. Our facilitators provide on-going guidance and support throughout the course to maximize the learning experience.

Everyone Needs A LIFT!


Check out the classes they offer at: www.willowcreek.com/LIFT
It will change your life and your leadership, it sure did for me!

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