Book Review: I AM NOT BUT I KNOW I AM: Welcome to the Story of God by Louie Giglio

Yes, the book title is a bit confusing, I AM NOT BUT I KNOW I AM, but it is well worth digging into to clear the confusion and to discover greater clarity into one’s relationship with God. To clarify, here’s what the title means:

I AM = God.

I AM NOT = You/Me/Us.

More than clarifying God is God, and we are not, Louie Giglio brings out how significant it is to see God in a greater light and one’s self in a lesser light. The result he presents is less stress and less meaninglessness in life. Life starts best when we look up to God. He is the I AM. We are the I AM NOT.

I Am Not But I Know I Am

As the observation goes there’s only one God, it’s not you. It’s not me either. And that’s a good thing to celebrate.The result is Louie puts it, “God is always looking for ordinary people to play significant roles in His unfolding Story.”

Besides affirming who is God and who is not, I appreciated the stories Louie told, especially as they pointed to God’s unfolding Story. Often those stories were about Louie’s growing awareness of the presence of I AM, and Louie’s own awareness of “I AM NOT.” For the stories pointed to the Story of the God who loves us, who created us, who died for us, and who gives us life.

The other great gift of this book is Louie’s “One Word Bible Study Method”. The two chapters Became and The Journey go through Louie’s journal of focusing on one word a day from John 1:14. I not only learned a new way of digging deeper into God’s Word in my life, but digging deeper into the incredible miracle of Christmas and the incarnation of Jesus.

A third gift is Louie’s understanding of Sabbath. For Louie Sabbath includes worship and rest, but also so much more. Sabbath is letting go of the controls (of stop being I AM) and embracing I AM NOT. Sabbath invites us to give up the controls to life, the circumstances of life, and follow the path of I AM in the Story that unfolds, the Story where He has a vital role for us each to play.

I give I AM NOT BUT I KNOW I AM: Welcome to the Story of God, 5 out of 5 stars. Louie provided a great invitation to pursue the Story of God. This book is great for those who want to get at look at the gift Jesus brings in knowing I AM and in realizing I AM NOT. Since the tendency of people is to be their own god, Louie reveals the freedom of knowing and coming before the one true God. Check out the first chapter by clicking here.

My thanks to Multnomah book for a free copy to review. I was not required to give a positive review, just an honest one. Thank you for such a great reminder of who God is and where my part in His unfolding Story is.


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