Rachel Still Weeping for Her Children

One of the usually skipped over stories of Christmas is Herod’s killing of the innocents. The Wise Men come looking for the Christ Child. An old soon to die Herod goes looking for a young baby that he sees as a threat. To make sure there is no heir from Bethlehem, he kills all the young boys 2 and under. The Christ Child escapes, but Matthew lets us know the prophecy from Jeremiah of “Rachel weeping for her children” (Matthew 2:18)

File:Rachel weeping.jpg

Rachel Weeping by Charles Willson Peale via Wikimedia Commons

The events of the past week, shootings in a mall in Oregon, in a school in Connecticut, those 5 million children a year who die of preventable causes like Malaria, malnutrition, dehydration, and those children who never get a breath of oxygen in their lungs due to abortion. Rachel is still weeping.

Evil is ugly, Evil is real. Evil is still at work in this world. We see its horror before us, and so does God.

The answers to why are elusive. The answer to who to turn to is clear. We need a Savior. We all need the Savior.

Advent is a time to remember His coming. He has come. He still comes. He is with us. He is Emmanuel. For our God is with us. He knows the pain of the death of innocents, they are part of His story as they have become part of ours.

May we continue to remember His greater story amid the pain of our own. He is the source of hope. He is the One who dies for all. He is the one who will come back one day and lead His followers to a place of no more sorrow, no more pain, no more tears, and no more death.

Our God is with us. May His peace, His presence, and His comforting power be with all who mourn. May our hearts be touched with His love, and share that love with others amid the tears.

Today like every other day is a great day to hug your child, to give thanks for His love, and to follow in the steps of the One who came to this world to give His life for all.


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