Book Review: Deep & Wide by Andy Stanley

Great titles don’t always mean great books. In the case of Deep & Wide, great title means an even greater book. Churches that seek to reach those not connected to Jesus are often accused of being a mile wide and an inch deep. Andy Stanley makes a case for both deep and wide with a personal story of North Point’s start and even more sharing their secret sauce.

Andy Stanley is a great leader as well as communicator. He shows a prophetic flair in this book as well. He makes no apologies, holds nothing back. He states his case for creating churches unchurched people love to attend.

What Purpose Driven Church is to explaining God’s work at Saddleback through Rick Warren, Deep & Wide is the North Point story from personal pain to God’s divine work.

Yet the advantage of Deep & Wide is not only being inspired by North Point’s story, but the questions to wrestle with in one’s own church. For myself I found Deep & Wide convicting and challenging. Why do we do what we do? How could we do it better? And the most important question of all, what does God want us to do for our next step? The two key questions Andy gives for churches to wrestle with is:

1) What is the church?

2) Who is it for?

Deep & Wide doesn’t give specific answers as much as clear direction and valuable questions to find one’s own secret sauce that God has poured into us and to pour through us. As Andy says, “My goal isn’t for you to do what we do. But part of my goal is to push you to closely examine what you’re doing.” 

He pushed me — gently, firmly, and best of all in the right direction. I give Deep & Wide 5 out of 5 stars. Andy convinced me to be part of creating a church unchurched people love to attend, so that they can meet the same incredible Jesus I know and love, and even more knows and loves them.

Deep & Wide is a great resource for those who believe the church can and should be more in this world. For those who believe the call to the church is to connect all people to Jesus and not just those already in the church, Deep & Wide provides a tool for discussion and a guide for implementation.


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