Longing for Daniel Type Leaders Today

Coming out of the recent election cycle and now facing the infamous “fiscal cliff”, I find myself longing for a Daniel type leader. Reading through the Bible this year recently led me through the book of Daniel. His leadership style is needed in our day. He navigates through diets and lions den, delivering messages the king would love to hear and loathe to hear. He’s not it in for fortune or fame. He is in it by faith, for faith and through faith.

Consider this Daniel is an exile and rises up in the ranks of leadership. He doesn’t compromise his faith, but lives it out “faithfully” and with a witness that provides an out for his guard and a greater opportunity to glorify God. He leverages his gift of dream interpretation but more as a witness for what God can do (and will do) than what Daniel has done.


Daniel’s Answer to the King by Briton Rivière [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When there is a succession of leaders, he still answers the call of duty to literally read the handwriting on the wall. The message is not comforting, but confronting. He doesn’t mince words, doesn’t hold back, but affirms lessons that should have learned and next steps that will happen.

Then comes a regime change, and again Daniel leverages his leadership to serve and to boldly declare the God He ultimately serves. He prays regularly and faithfully. He records what he knows and works in faith with what he doesn’t know. He’s a humble hero of the faith.

Sounds like the kind of leader and even better kind of leaders we could use today.

As you think of the qualities of Biblical leadership, what examples from Daniel’s life inspire you to “bring it” today?


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