Book Review: Blueprint for Life by Michael Kendrick and Ben Ortlip

In preparation for a message series next year, I read Blueprint for Life by Michael Kendrick and Ben Ortlip. The title as well as the tagline “Discover the life you were born to live” grabbed me. One of the strengths of the book is stating the importance of an ongoing conversation with God to discover who you are, why you are here, and planning out next steps along the way. As the authors says, “Blueprint for life is your chance to take out a piece of paper and say, ‘Lord, I’m listening and I’m taking notes. Tell me everything you want me to know.”

Blueprint for Life Hardback Book Cover

The purpose of the book is “to have a grid for the decisions we make and, as much, as it’s up to us, stay on  track with the calling God has given us.” More than simply finding one’s purpose, Blueprint for Life looks to build a mind in tune with God’s purposes.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the Life Impact Triangle with its 3 sides of what accomplishes God’s purposes, what you really love doing (your passions), and what you are highly skilled at doing (your giftedness), put all 3 together and the result is Life Impact.

In the second half of the book, the blueprint begins to get drawn out with the big 5:

1) Your Spiritual Blueprint.

2) Your Relationships Blueprint.

3) Your Physical Blueprint.

4) Your Financial Blueprint.

5) Your Career Blueprint.

These chapters each included a few paragraphs with key questions to ask as you seek God’s guidance in drawing out your blueprint. Yet with all the build up from the first 5 chapters of the necessity of drawing a blueprint, I expected a bit more guidance in  drawing out what this means.

The best insight in these chapters for me was the porch swing experiment to take the time to reflect one’s life. As you look towards the future and back at life today, what are your reflections? Your dreams? Were the blueprints lived out? Is there a smile of joy? What Stephen Covey described as “Begin with the end in mine” is the thought behind such intentional planning.

I give Blueprint for Living 4 out of 5 stars. The book did a great job stating the need to plan and even more converse with God and write down His guidance for life each day. After reading the first part I had higher expectations for the second half of the book. Still it was a good read, and the result for me is to be more intentional in building my life.

For those wanting to go in greater depth, there is a Blueprint for Life study kit that is promoted in the book. I have listened to the speakers and our church will be using the study as we seek to take a closer look at these 5 key areas of life and even more in sensing God’s direction as we live out our lives each day.

What resources are helping you to connect with God and to follow and fulfill His purpose for your life?

Blueprint For Life | Christian Leadership Advice


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