Part of a Moment or Movement?

In a meeting the other day, and was comparing my mission trip to Ethiopia with comments my daughter made about her trip. I had gone in 2006. My daughter in 2012. We both worked in the same area. We both climbed the same mountain. We both had met, worked with, supported and been impressed by the same pastor.

What has become a life defining moment for both of us also identified us as part of a movement. After I returned in 2006, our church didn’t stop supporting the work. We invested prayers and finances and faith. Others had gone and found their own moment.

The temptation of short term mission trips or one time financial gifts is to identify with the moment. It might be a moment of need. It might be a moment of a mountain top experience. But as Jesus teaches in His own transfiguration, there is work in the valley to do. And the good news is He goes with us. He is there in the moment. He is the source to launch a movement.

So the other night as I was meeting, I thought of that moment in 2006 and God showed me the power in 2012 of becoming part of a movement.

Where in your life do you see God working? What is He saying to you in this moment? How is He inviting you to be part of a movement?


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