Book Review: GOD is more than ENOUGH by Tony Evans

Some books just hit you at the right time. GOD is more than ENOUGH by Tony Evans is one of them. I had a clue it would be a great book because Tony is an incredible communicator of God’s Word. He takes Biblical truth translates into every day life and lifts you up to a higher level when you are done. That’s exactly what he did in this book.

Yet GOD is more than ENOUGH is more than an inspirational read, it is a quick read that feeds one’s soul on the incredible power and beauty of Psalm 23. Walking verse by verse, step by step, Tony lays out a grand view of God at work in our lives.

For Tony Psalm 23 is more than an inspirational read, more than a funeral text, it is a declaration of who God is and what God provides. When I was done reading this quick read I went away saying, God is indeed more than enough!

God Is More Than Enough

In the first line of the book, Tony asserts, “There is not a single need you could possibly have that isn’t addressed by the words of Psalm 23.” The rest of the book he lays out the case for the truth of that statement.

Chapter 1 asks: Just who is Your Shepherd? Settle that one with God, and you are on a great path.

The chapters that follow affirm that God is more than enough to meet your spiritual needs, directional needs, emotional needs, physical needs, and eternal needs.

Yet this psalm is not just gentle words about a shepherd and his sheep, Tony declares, “It’s an attack on our debilitating lack of trust in God and the great trauma of insecurity that’s brought on by such doubts and disbelief.”

Psalm 23 calls me to admit that I can’t take care of myself. I need God. Independent of him I am wandering down the wrong path, down the wrong way of life. With Him and all that He provides as David declares in this psalm, I shall not want. God is indeed more than enough!

I give GOD is more than ENOUGH 5 out of 5 stars. It picked up my spirits, taught me some new lessons along the way, and provided some great restoration of my soul. For those looking for a quick read (the book is under 100 pages), and a reminder of how great God is and what it means to be in a sheep / shepherd relationship I highly recommend this book. Check out the introduction and Chapter 1 by clicking here.

Thank you to to Blogging for Books for a free copy to review.


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