The Lift Project: Leading for Transformation: Leading from a Healthy Soul

Who wouldn’t want to lead from a healthy soul? Yet too often leaders find themselves running on empty and wondering why they are misfiring in their leadership and their life. That’s why I love week 3 of the Lift ProjectLeading for Transformation, and its emphasis on leading from a healthy soul. Beyond merely affirming that desire and need, this week’s class showed how leading from a healthy soul happens through a Bill Hybels video, a Tim Keller audio excerpt, and a Mindy Caliguire article and soul care assessment.

Video: How Bill Hybels Stays Replenished

This excerpt from a Bill Hybels summit talk challenged me to assess what is the difference in my leadership when I lead from the overflow of a healthy soul to looking at how it works as my “bucket” begins to get lower and lower until its running on empty.

I appreciated that Bill not only spoke of finding the spiritual habits/disciplines that fill one’s bucket, but also the value of physical exercise. Having committed back in mid-July to walk 2 miles a day no matter what, and seeing that streak stay alive into October, I have experienced not only a higher level of energy and productivity, but also creativity.

Having discovered in the past year how reading is so important to filling my bucket, and learning from the Lift Class on the Leader’s Soul the value  in my life of writing in a journal, I feel that I am bringing my leadership best.

As Bill says, “The best thing you bring to the table is a filled bucket.”

Audio: How Tim Keller Journeyed out of Burnout

Tim Keller is a great thinker, and so I eagerly listened to what he had to say. He spoke of the impact of identifying false salvation, the triggers of anxiety, anger, hatred, of seeking to make his own way.

2-3 times a day he examines where he is in living, and even more getting the gospel into his life. When he catches himself leading out of a false salvation that flows out of himself instead of God, then it’s time to repent and to return to God’s power in leading.

I was intrigued by his prayer emphasis in the morning and evening. He spoke of using the morning time to focus on petitions, and the evening to focus on repentance. Evening provided a chance to look back over the day and to come clean with God and one’s self, to confess, repent, and best of all receive forgiveness.

Article: Mindy Caliguire on Soul Health: You Can’t Be Fruitful if You Neglect the Source

In the article and the assessment are 2 key questions for any leader to answer concerning soul health:

1) What are the signs of soul neglect?

2) What emerges in your life when you’re deeply connected with God, when your soul is healthy?

So why does soul neglect happen? Perhaps we neglect our own care in attempt to care for others. Yet like they say on every airline flight I take, put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help the child beside you.

This is the greatest lesson I have learned in the nearly 3 classes I have taken through the Lift project, the importance to care for my own soul, to keep the bucket filled and replenished, and best of all seeing the quality of my leadership and life improve as I keep that tank full and flowing with God’s Spirit at work in me and through me.

So what do you need to receive most from God today?

What is the level of replenishment in your bucket?

What helps keep your bucket overflowing?


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