Book Review: Insignificant by Chris Travis

A sign of growth is moving from survival to success to significance, at least that’s what I thought before I read Chris Travis’ book, inSignificant. The title grabbed me, Chris’s story taught me life is not about the best, but growing amid the least of these.

The American dream is to be the best — have the best job, teach at the best school, lead the best church. We too often equate the word best as a synonym for biggest. Then I read inSignificant and the story of 2 years out of Chris Travis life and teaching at one of the most dangerous middle schools in New York City.

As one who seeks to find and pursue one’s purpose, Chris challenged me to not only look up and out, but to look down and around. Where can I serve? Where can I step down and step into God’s will?

I was moved not only by Chris move from nice, comfortable, growing church to middle school math teacher, battling students along the way and building relationships that transform lives, especially the one God built with and into Chris.

Chris has not only a great story to tell, but a great writing style to tell it. His authenticity and humility, sharing not only his best moments with God, but also his worst were inspiring to go the distance in my own journey of life.

In some ways the title,  inSignificant, is a misnomer as significance is discovered in service, in obedience, in caring for those who don’t even want to be cared for. Sounds a lot like the story of God coming in love for a rebellious and ready to destroy His Son creation.

Yet it is in love we find significance. We find our best expression of love to God in serving others. The Apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians that God’s grace is sufficient, and that in our weakness we find strength. If you thought that was a story just in Paul’s day, Chris fast forwards that story to our day.

I give inSignificant 5 out of 5 stars. I was challenged. I was inspired. I re-examined my values. I grew. I was thrilled to read his story and discover my own. I recommend it for those who want to pursue God’s purpose for their lives and find the ultimate significance is when I am ready to be insignificant for Him.

Thanks to Bethany House Publishing for a free copy of a great book to review.


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