Soul Food for Friday: Quotes to Get the Full Value of Joy

Mark Twain observed, “Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you have have somebody to divide it with.”

Part of my joy in Soul Food for Friday is to share some great quotes to fuel our souls each week. I believe great quotes are meant to be shared, and are a life building gift we give to each other through life inspiring words. This week’s topic is joy.

“When I think upon my God, my heart is full of joy that the notes dance and leap from my pen.” — Franz Joseph Haydn

“The longer I live, the more convinced I am that Christianity is one long shout of joy!” — Geoffrey Fisher

“We won’t fully experience joy until we’ve answered life’s biggest question: Why am I here?” — John Maxwell

“Paul tells us (in Romans 8) that if we follow Christ, our bad things turn out for good, our good things cannot be lost, and our best things are yet to come. Those are the reasons for our joy.” — Tim Keller

“I have read that during the process of canonization the Catholic Church demands proof of joy in the candidate, and although I have not been able to track down chapter and verse I like the suggestion that dourness is not a sacred attribute.” — Phyllis McGinley

“Joy, which was the small publicity of the pagan, is the gigantic secret of the Christian.” — G. K. Chesterton

“Joy is the great note all through the Bible. We have the notion of joy that arises from good spirits or good health, but the miracle of joy of God has nothing to do with a man’s life or his circumstances or the condition he is in. Jesus Christ does not come to a man and say, ‘Cheer up.’ He plants within a man the miracle of the joy of God’s own nature.” — Oswald Chambers

File:15th-century unknown painters - Altarpiece of the Seven Joys of Mary - WGA23743.jpg

The 7 Joys of Mary by By Unknown Master, German (active 1475-1510 in Cologne) Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

“If you try to cast negative events in a positive light, and you see the silver lining, you can turn a bad situation into a joyful one.” — Andrea Malin

“True joy, as it turns out, comes only to those who have devoted their lives to something greater than personal happiness. This is most visible in extraordinary lives, in saints and martyrs. But it is no less true for ordinary people like us.” — John Ortberg

“O God, take all our sorrows and use them to show us the nature of our joy.” — Leslie D. Weatherhead

“You and I were created for joy, and if we miss it we miss the reason for our existence. If our joy is honest joy, it must somehow be congruous with human tragedy. This is the test of joy’s integrity. It is compatible with pain. Only the heart that hurts has a right to joy.” — Lewis Smede

“Joy is the echo of God’s life in us.” — Dom Joseph Marmion

“God created us in joy and created us for joy, and in the long run not all the darkness there is in the world and in ourselves can separate us finally from that joy, because whatever else it means to say that God created us in His image, I think it means that even when we cannot believe in Him, even when we feel most spiritually bankrupt and deserted by Him, His mark is deep within us. We have God’s joy in our blood.” — Frederick Buechner

“Joy is the feeling of grinning inside.” — Dr. Melba Colgrove

“There is joy in work. All that money can do is buy us someone else’s work in exchange for our own. There is no happiness except in the realization we have accomplished something.” — Henry Fonda

“Joy is the missing ingredient in our culture — the healing force that can join individual impulse with common good.” — Look Magazine

“Sorrows come to stretch out spaces in the heart for joy.” — Edwin Markham

“Far too many people spend their lives reading the menu instead of enjoying the banquet.” — Unkown

“The Church desperately needs people of joy and zeal. Show me a church that is consistently obedient to this single command, and I will show you a church that is turning its world upside down.” — Josh Hunt

“Joy is the net by which you catch souls.” — Mother Teresa

“Joy is the serious business of heaven.” — C. S. Lewis

“If you have no joy, there’s a leak in your Christianity somewhere.” — Billy Sunday

“The Christian should be an alleluia from head to foot!” — Augustine of Hippo

“Joy comes form knowing God loves me, knows who I am and where I’m going … that my future is secure as I rest in Him.” — James Dobson

“If we can convince people that we are on something that’s full of joy, they’ll stampede one another to follow us.” — William Treadwell

“Confidence brings joy when we let God be God.” — Chuck Swindoll

“Try to see the joyful side of life. One must see the pain of life with clear eyes, and help all he can; but there is also lots of joy, and on should see that, too.” — Norman Vincent Peale

“Joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.” — Helen Keller

“When the Christian doesn’t find joy on account of his happenings, he can always find joy in spite of them.” — E. Stanley Jones

“Joy does tow things for our marriages. It causes us to remember the good. And it causes us to live in the present.” — John and Nancy Ortberg

“Surprise is the secret of joy.” — G. K. Chesterton

“To miss the joy is to miss everything.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

Make sure not to miss the joy the gift this day offers. What words are feeding and filling your soul with joy this day?


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