1 LIFT Class on the Leader’s Soul plus 90 Days of Pursuing Simplicity

This week Willow Creek put the following as a guest blog about my experience with the LIFT Class. Enjoy the following. Even better sign up for the Leader’s Soul class …
Back in the spring I took a LIFT  online class called The Leader’s Soul. When we began our facilitator asked:

Which spiritual practice feels most unfamiliar to you?

The overwhelming response was: Simplicity.  Some had never really considered it a spiritual practice, or way of connecting with God. Others saw simplicity through a different lens. I was in the different lens group.

The first time I came back from India, I remember looking at my garage and seeing all the stuff I had in comparison to what I had just seen in 10 days in India. I felt a bit guilty for all the stuff, and desired a life of simplicity, as I experienced in India. I was ready to make life real simple and manageable.

Then came the sharper focus of simplicity I learned in the Leader’s Soul class: Biblical simplicity is more than organizing one’s stuff; it’s focusing one’s life. The opposite of simplicity is not complexity, but duplicity.

Biblical simplicity is an invitation to focus my life on God. The result is allowing the events of life to emerge out of God and my relationship with Him. And it means I live as the person God made me to be, nothing more. Which requires boundaries for living and leading. 

I live on Godspeed not world speed.

The final assignment of The Leader’s Soul course is to create a 90 day plan for increased soul care. My goal over those 90 days was to focus on a Biblical life of simplicity. What this meant for me:

1. Journaling. In the next 90 days I started a new, and slightly uncomfortable at first, practice of meeting with God through writing and reflecting. Best of all, I got to work through each day and learn what God is up to in my life. I now try to meet Him at His speed and find my speed with Him.
2. Daily Prayer of Surrender. The practice of letting God have control became part of my journaling process.  More than ‘Jesus take the wheel,’ it became, ‘Jesus thank you for the gift of my life, I give it back to you to use this day.’ Instead of only using my favorite, “not my will, but Your will, not my words, but Your words” prayer, I am seeking to be specific about what to surrender each day.
3. Time of solitude. In addition to the solitude of journaling, I set aside a day each month to take time to review what I’ve written over the preceding 30 days. With my handwriting/printing, that in itself is a step of faith that I can read what I write. Even more I pray for it to reveal the steps of faith I have taken and the next steps that God desires for me to take.
4. Simplicity. The art of Godspeed is my goal. That calls for a balance of schedule and sensing the Spirit’s promptings. Instead of a life of duplicity of being pulled in many directions, I want to live God’s way.

After 90 days I discovered the joy of living at Godspeed.  Each of the practices: Journaling, Prayer of Surrender, and Solitude connected me deeply with God and brought a new awareness of his presence and guidance in my life.

Best of all simplicity has come, not just for a 7 week class that realigned my direction, but realigned my connection with Christ and His call to lead and to serve. My joy to serve has been renewed. My energy levels increased. My awareness of God’s presence is constant. My love for the call to transform others all fueled because of 1 LIFT Class on the Leader’s Soul and a 90 day adventure that still continues in day 91 and beyond.

Want to care for your soul and discover the joy of simplicity? Why not sign up for the next Leader’s Soul Class here that starts on September 17th? Check out the syllabus here. Those you lead will be glad you did, even more your own soul will be glad you did as you discover how to bring forth God’s best in your life.


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