Book Review: Fully Alive: Lighten Up and Live A Journey that Will Change Your Life by Ken Davis

Fully Alive by Ken Davis is not only his stake in the ground that led him back to an abundant life, a life that  can be yours as well.

Ken Davis is not only one of my favorite comedians, he is also one of my favorite writers. He knows how to tell a story, craft a talk, turn a phrase. He not only entertains, he engages. He not only talks, he transforms.

Turns out he also knows how to get back to living life to its fullest, even when he was running on empty.

The incredible story of his granddaughter Jadyn that starts the book served as a wake up call for Ken to what God had given him and what had become of his life. It served as a stake in the ground, one of his favorite phrases in the book, one that I will remember as well.

As Ken surveys his life, the good, the bad, and yes the ugly, he writes of various stakes in the ground. How God moved in his life whether it was one teacher’s discipline or one man’s encouraging word, or one scary picture of himself “Manatee” size at the beach – the “Noooooo!” picture.

Ken advocates more then healthy physical living, he lays out how he was led to live fully alive, and how you and I can be as well.

In his own humorous style, he deals with non-humorous issues — depression, weight gain, lost his way, lost his energy, almost lost his faith. The path back is shared with transparency and hope. Stakes along the way are marked out for Ken and for the reader to follow as well.

The challenge is not to live Ken’s way, but to become fully alive God’s way. So as Ken says will you get old or grow old? Will shuffle your way or dance your way? No matter how old you are and how old you become Ken advocates a path that leaves one fully alive. Such a full life is found in the power of Christ and His resurrection.

Ken challenged me int his book to identify stakes in the ground of health and of faith and of life?

His question with Bob Stromberg, “how as your life changed in the past few years because of the power of Christ living in you?” prodded much thought and thanksgiving.

Fully alive is a stake int eh ground for the abundant life Jesus desires to give. Sign me up Ken. I am ready to continue that adventure until God calls me home.

I give Fully Alive, 5 out of 5 stars. What a great book to read. Thanks to Book Sneeze and Thomas Nelson for providing a free copy to review. I was not required to give a positive review, just an honest one and I honestly loved it and am ready to commit to living fully alive every day.


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