Lead Well, but Yoda was Wrong

As my daughter Dana was leaving LAX for her work as a grad assistant on the Around the World Semester with Concordia University — Irvine, among my words of advice were, “Lead well.”

Her response was, “I’ll try.”

That led to my Yoda response, “No try, just do.”

Just one problem, Yoda was wrong. Maybe “no try, just do” works in the Star Wars universe. But “no try, just do” is bad theology, bad leadership.

The Biblical method of leadership instead in Yoda-speak is, “no try, just be.” Be who God made you to be, saved you to be, baptized you to be, empowered you to be.

So as I confessed and corrected my bad Yoda theology to a better Biblical model to my daughter and fellow staff administrators, thought I would pass that lesson on to you.

“No try, just do” is a path to burn out, self-reliance, arrogance, but not the gospel path.

“No try, just be” is a path to live prompted by the Holy Spirit, empowered by God’s grace, living on God speed (much better then Yoda speed).

Where do you find the tension in your life between “no try, just do” and the need to live “no try, just be”?

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4 responses to “Lead Well, but Yoda was Wrong

  1. I’ve been thinking about God before time. He didn’t “do” anything. He simply was and still is. He be! Interesting how your post generates a similar thought with a different spin to the one I just posted yesterday.

  2. I agree with what you’re trying to say but there is another aspect that I think your missing. “Do or Do not. There is no try.”, Can be interpreted as “If your going to do something, don’t attempt it and give up if it doesn’t pan out. Go through and commit to it and be content with the result.” I honestly think it means, in a sense, don’t do something if your not going to commit to it. Believe in what your doing before you do it. Which in essence is proven true for Yoda was able to do something when Luke could not because he didn’t believe he could. This can be true for everyone. If you don’t believe in something then you shouldn’t attempt doing it for you risk failure. But that’s just me. 🙂

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