Great Quotes from Day 2 of the Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit wrapped last Friday and just like day 1, day 2 was filled with inspiring and transforming quotes to build strong leaders. Day 2 speakers also included some great quotes in their own remarks (so when you see an Abraham Lincoln quote below, he wasn’t there — just quoted). Here are some of the great quotes from day via my notes …

“People need to be reminded more then instructed.” — Samuel Johnson (quoted by Patrick Lencioni

“When you know your reason for existence, it should effect the decisions you make.” — Patrick Lencioni

“A core value is something you are willing to be punished for … To violate a core value is to ask you to sell your soul.” — Patrick Lencioni

“All things to all people is nothing to everyone.” — Patrick Lencioni

“When angry you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” — Bill Ury

“Best move in negotiation (and conflict) is to go to the balcony (a place of perspective) instead of the stage.” — Bill Ury

“Be soft on people, be hard on the problem.” — Bill Ury

“Do I not destroy my enemy when I turn them into my friends.” — Abraham Lincoln (quoted by Bill Ury)

“Leaders lead out of who they are on the inside.” — Gary Haugen (introducing Pranitha Timothy)

“God does His miracles of transformation through miraculously transformed people.” — Gary Haugen (introducing Pranitha Timothy)

“Greatest miracle is that God can transform their hearts.” — Pranitha Timothy

“God hears the cries of our heart because he is a God who is good.” — Pranitha Timothy

“Leaders are defined by the decisions they make … Leaders rise and fall by the decisions they make.” — Mario Vega

“Don’t get stuck in your grieving, look to heaven … God has more in store for you.” — Mario Vega

“Real question is not who was this man (Jesus), but who is this man?” — John Ortberg

“Too often we argue about Christianity instead of marveling at Jesus.” — John Ortberg

“The reason that we must marvel at this man, is because His work is not done yet.” — John Ortberg

“If you raise a child, there’s no time, you can’t be a great parent.” — Geoffrey Canada

“Build an organization that can tackle the tough things and keep moving.” — Geoffrey Canada

“The real test of faith is when you something that only your faith in God will see you through.” — Geoffrey Canada’s Grandmother

“The local church is the hope of the world.” — Bill Hybels

“Jesus is not directing the angelic choir, taking long naps, or doing crossword puzzles. He is completely focused on building his church, the hope of the world.” — Bill Hybels

So what summit quotes inspire your leadership to be part of Jesus work in transforming this world?

Once again the Summit provided 2 great days of leadership training, and a great year ahead for leadership application. Can’t wait until August 8-9, 2013 for next year’s Summit. Sharon and I and 20 others from Christ Lutheran are registered and ready to go, and hoping to bring more! Click here to register.



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2 responses to “Great Quotes from Day 2 of the Leadership Summit

  1. Richard, Than you for sharing this recap. These are powerful statements, and great reminders of what happened at the Summit. Bless you and your team!

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