Godspeed Around the World Semester!

How would you like to be part of a semester of college that features 3 profs, 6 courses, 10 countries, 20 digital texts, 27 students, 4 graduate assistants, 82 hours of flying, 175 hours of instruction. From August 5th until December 17th visiting  Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Ethiopia, Austria, Hungary, Bolivia, Peru and perhaps the scariest part of the trip 36 hours in New York City. Concordia University in Irvine offers Around the World Semester.

My daughter Dana is one of the four grad assistants taking the trip (prayers greatly appreciated). Before they took off I had the opportunity to commission them for the trip and talked about Godspeed.

Godspeed is a term of my childhood for John Glenn being the 1st American in space to take an around the world tour, 3 of them to be exact.

John Glenn boards Friendship 7


Godspeed was often used to refer to a blessing of God’s presence as you travel. This year I have learned to appreciate that God’s speed is living your life  with an awareness of God’s  presence and pace in all that you do. For the Around the World Tour that involves  seeing the wonders of creation to the devastating effects of sin in this world, the best and worst that man has to offer, the best that God brings and the worst that Satan throws out. Most of all for them God’s speed is present as they (and you and I)  you bring Christ‘s love to those who don‘t know Him.

God’s speed is not just for world travelers, it’s needed for every day life — matching the opportunities life offers with the pace God calls me to live. When I do to much and lose my awareness of Him, life might be at warp speed, but not Godspeed. And if I become so heavenly minded that I am no earthly good, I might have my mind in the clouds but I have missed the heart God has for this world and the one that  He wants me to have as well.

Around the World Travelers
Dana is 2nd one in from the right
Thank God she looks beautiful like her mom

As I told the students, God has waited since your baptism for this day, for all of eternity to send you to reach out with His love to transform the lives of others, and best of all to transform your life to be like Christ.

And here’s the best part, that’s true for this day that you are getting ready to live. Godspeed Around the World Semester travelers (and especially a grad assistant named Dana)!.



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