Book Review: You’re Stronger than You Think by Dr. Les Parrot

Ever thought you could do more? Ever wondered how you could gain focus, gain strength for living? Want to get in on the adventure of life — your life? That’s why I loved reading You’re Stronger than You Think by Dr. Les Parrott. The tagline grabbed my attention: The Power to Do What You Feel You Can’t.

I wondered what do I feel I can’t do? How can I find some extra power for living? As the introduction says, “Life is an Adventure — If You Summon the Strength.”

That strength is found in the power of your mind, your heart and you soul. I love Dr. Parrott’s writing style. He lays out the book in the introduction and the 3 parts he will cover. At the beginning of each part is a preview of what the two chapters in each part will cover and how they tie together. Then after you read the 2 chapters for each part, he has a making it real section that lays out how to move from theory to practice. Each make it real section also provides a tool to evaluate how you are doing in this specific area, and then steps to grow, to be stronger than you think.

Part 1: The Power of Your Mind

Chapter 1: Think Simply: There’s strength in clearing your head. Sometimes your best move is to do a mind dump. Get it all out. Let the fog clear. As the Chuck Siwndoll quote says (and the book has great quotes to save): “It is in lonely solitude that God delivers his best thoughts, and the mind needs to be still and quiet to receive them.”

Chapter 2: Think Expectantly: There’s Strength in Anticipation. As Dr. Parrott puts it, “When we keep hoping, we keep living. When we stop hoping, we die inside.”  What do you expect fuels your power to achieve or to give up.

Part 2: The Power of Your Heart

Chapter 3: Feel Vulnerable: There’s Strength in Owning Your Weakness. Here Dr. Parrott works through a great paradox: “When we admit our weakness, we find our strength.” That’s part of the power of the book, the discovery of leveraging paradoxes to find strength. Open up about your weaknesses and you open yourself up to a greater power in living.

Chapter 4: Feel Connected: There’s Strength in Being Known. While chapter 3 connects with my inner self, chapter 4 builds on connecting with others. As Dr. Parrott shares, “We are must real when we most known and loved. And here’s the secret: The more real we become, the more love we experience.. And the more love we experience, the more real we become.”

Part 3: The Power of Your Soul

Chapter 5: Be Emptied: There’s Strength in Surrender. The Bible is the only source I know that advocates the way to find your life is to lose it. You find strength, when you surrender — when you let go. Dr. Parrott says, “Take the energy it takes to stay stuck in your suffering and use it to write a new chapter in your life.”

Chapter 6: Be Bold: There’s Strength in Taking Risks. The flip side of surrender (and just as important) — be bold, take action. Dr. Parrott defines bold as “living life to the fullest. It’s about transcending learned helplessness and living a strong life powered by passion.”

I give You’re Stronger than You Think 5 out of 5 stars. It was a great read to fuel my passion and purpose in life. The book is well laid out, features some memorable quotes, and even more practical exercises for application.

The book includes a link and a coupon for a discount to The Online Strength Profile that Dr. Parrott suggests you take before reading the book. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of a fee, so I didn’t take the profile. You can also pick up a workbook that goes along with the book. Though each chapter has a few questions at the end, the workbook is said to be more specific in its application. You can a great glimpse of the opening part of the book by clicking here.

Thanks to Tyndale for providing a free copy for me to review. I am ready to continue the adventure of living!


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