Book Review: One B1G Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do by Phil Cooke

One B1G Thing is my favorite kind of book for two reasons. First, it’s about purpose. Second, it’s loaded with great quotes. Added bonus it is well-written and a great read to enjoy.

Phil Cooke helps his readers answer 2 questions for their lives:

1. What am I supposed to do with my life? What could you be the best in the world at doing?

2. In a hyper-competitive, cluttered, and distracted world, how do I get noticed?

Tackling both questions is the unique value of One Big Thing. Most purpose books tackle the first question. Most branding books the second. Phil takes on both and provides a road map to answer both.

As Phil writes, “No matter how life-changing your message, without an audience that message doesn’t matter.” That’s not written to discourage, but to recognize fulfilling purpose is not merely an eureka moment, but a

If you are looking for a book to answer both questions for your life, this isn’t the one to read. That book you write every day as you live.

But if you are looking for questions to guide your discovery, to open your eyes, and to discover some next steps along the journey of life, this is the book to read.

Phil provides a matrix of 4 questions to discover your purpose.

1. What comes easy to you?

Easy doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake, but that it comes naturally, that you thrive on it. Even more do other people confirm it?

2. What do you love?

Would you do it even if you didn’t get paid to do it? And what if you could find a place where making money and fulfilling your passion meets? This is also why the book is title “One Big Thing” not “One Big Things”. The challenge is focus. If you can only do one thing, what is it?

3. What drives you crazy?

Most purpose books ask the first two questions in this matrix, but Phil says, “I’ve discovered that in many cases, the thing you hate the most could be the problem you were born to fix. In other words, what do you hate? What drives you nuts? I believe the key to your destiny could be found in the answer to those questions.”

4. What do you want to leave behind?

What is your legacy going to be? Are the Wright brothers remembered for their bike shop or the first manned flight?

Work through, sweat through, pray through your answers to those 4 questions. Reflect on,  get the input of others and focus on what they mean for your life, and you are well on the road to discovering your One Big Thing.

Most purpose books stop there, Phil pursues the next step. He moves from that light bulb moment of discovery to how to keep the light burning brightly. In other words, how do you get your story out there?

The key is connecting your purpose with the world’s need. Such connections call for the power of originality to understand the platforms to knowing your audience to recognizing strategy maters as well as location and a whole lot more.

And perhaps the best news of all that Phil shares: “It’s never too late to discover your One Big Thing.”

I give One Big Thing 5 out of 5 stars. If I could add a plus sign, I would. Best book I have read this year. If you read it and discover what you were born to do, best book you will read in your life.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson and their BookSneeze review program, I received a free copy to review. I was not required to give a positive review, I simply enjoyed the book and think you will too.


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