Book Review: Jesus Life Coach by Laurie Beth Jones

With a Barnes and Noble Christmas gift card in my pocket and an hour to spend in the store as Sharon was in a yoga class, I perused the  shelves for the best deal. Checking out the prices in my favorite sections: Christianity, Business Leadership, Biography and of course, the bargain section.

There I saw it: Jesus Life Coach by Laurie Beth Jones. She’s one of my favorite authors. The cover had a great picture on the front. The price was right.

Immediately I picked it up, and made it my evening devotional read (I had been looking for one). The book features short chapters about life with a Jesus touch point that touches my life, some questions to reflect and a prayer to pray. It’s been a great way to end my day.

The chapters are broken down into 4 sections:

1. Focus: To help you go from being a light bulb, illuminating a small space, to a laser beam, powerful enough to cut through steel.

2. Balance: Until we know where our “center” is, we will be wobbly, off balance, and probably at odds with the world and ourselves. Once we hit that “sweet spot” we can remember to return to it again and again

3. Productivity: How Jesus can help you increase your productivity — mostly through “being.” (I always thought it was doing.)

4. Fulfillment: This loving Coach will bring your greatest fears into the light and turn them into stepping stones.

A couple weeks into enjoying Jesus Life Coach, I was rearranging some books in my office, and there I saw it on my bookshelf: Jesus Life Coach with this cover.

Sure enough I had read it before. Underlined. Filed illustrations. Greatly enjoyed. Then I read it quickly. This time I read it slowly. I discovered how great it is to reread a great book again (even with a different cover). A chapter a night gave me time to reflect, to ponder, to hear from the One I want to coach my life.

What amazed me was how each night each chapter spoke to a situation that day, or painted a picture for the day I wanted to live tomorrow. That’s why Laurie Beth Jones is one of my favorite authors. I think I have read every book she’s written, and now I even have an extra copy which I then gave away to a friend.

Just look at some of the chapter titles that are short and sweet, and yet packed with power to hear my life coach and to follow His voice:

Use your greatest strength

Have fun

Be off to a rough start

Leave regret behind

Be bathed in loving words

Think inside the solution

Be a voice, not an echo

Look at the world through new eyes

Have unbounded joy

Paint what you love

Reading Jesus Life Coach again introduced me again to 2 friends: Laurie Beth Jones and even more Jesus. Considering I want to be a coach who develops other coaches, thought I’d start with the best role model there is. I encourage you to do the same.

What book have you reread recently that connects you with Jesus and His purpose for your life each day? I think I’ll read Jesus in Blue Jeans. I already have my copy. I checked!


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