The LIFT Project: The Leader’s Soul: The End is the Beginning

7 Weeks. 4 Spiritual Habits. 1 Leader’s Soul (and hopefully more) transformed. 10 days ago, we wrapped up the Leader’s Soul class I have been taking through the LIFT project and what I have finished you may have a chance to begin for free ($149 value, see details below of course).

The challenge of the last week of class was to identify next steps to take and to follow through in developing those habits for the next 90 days. Though the class is over, the application has just begun. Master Card’s best offer is priceless. Leader’s Soul development is eternal.

My target in the next 90 days is to delve deeper into a life of simplicity, living life at Godspeed. That’s the place where opportunities, giftedness and God’s plan all meet together.

I hope to pursue that goal by continuing to develop 4 spiritual habits we discovered in class:

1. Journaling. In the next 90 days I seek to desire that discipline of working through each day, writing and reflecting. Best of all, learning what God is up to in my life. Meeting Him at His speed and finding my speed with Him.

2. Daily Prayer of Surrender. That’s part of my journaling process each day, letting God have control. More then Jesus take the wheel, it’s Jesus thank you for the gift of my life, I give it back to you to use this day. Instead of only using my favorite, “not my will, but Your will, not my words, but Your words” prayer, I am seeking to be specific about what to surrender each day.

3. Time of solitude. In addition to the solitude of journaling, I will set aside a day each month to take time to review what I’ve written over the preceding 30 days. With my handwriting/printing, that in itself is a step of faith that I can read what I write. Even more I pray for it to reveal the steps of faith I have taken and the next steps that God desires for me to take.

4. SimplicityThe art of Godspeed is my goal. That calls for a balance of schedule and sensing the Spirit’s promptings. Instead of a life of duplicity of being pulled in many directions, I want to live God’s way. Journaling each day has me not only working through what has happened the previous day, but often laying out what the day ahead holds before God and seeking His input.

I’m still on a journey with this one, and finding that our great God provides. I don’t claim expert status, but would say I am becoming a practioner.  As a next step Willow has provided some weekly follow up during June through e-mail, weekly phone calls, and 2 online processing sessions. They way my next steps (and yours) to be strong, and not to stumble.

Even better Willow has provided a free registration for one of the next LIFT courses starting on June 11 for me to award to one person from my blog readers. Click here to find out the list of courses. Registration costs $149 for the class, this is your chance to take the class for free. Here’s what you do:

1. Leave a comment below about growing closer to Christ.

2. Then share this blog on Twitter  or Facebook.

3. Do this by midnight San Diego time on Wednesday, June 6th (Yes, D-Day).

I’ll put up a post on Thursday announcing the winner whose name will be drawn from the list of those who do the above. Good luck, even more Godspeed!



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5 responses to “The LIFT Project: The Leader’s Soul: The End is the Beginning

  1. Sounds great Richard. Would like to grow closer to Christ. Which course would you recommend? Leader’s Soul sounds cool. If the soul’s not right, nothing else will be easier.

  2. Richard! I am so encouraged by your journey towards simplicity! Thank you for sharing your insights. It has been a treat to have you on board!

  3. Dana Burkey

    Often, the growth in our relationship with Christ can lead to us to feel restlessness and disappointed, wondering if we’re doing enough. Jesus invites us to engaged in listening and being open to the Spirit. That is not easy. The tools and reflections from the LIFT Project are transforming in where one’s focus is — Christ alone.

  4. Natalie Polzin

    Richard, this sounds wonderful. Don’t we all get tired of the performance treadmill? When we realize that the “we have control” thought process is only an illusion,we are free to live the life that God has intended for us. Praise God that He truly knows what is best for us each and every day. When we take the time to listen to where the Spirit is leading us we can experience peace in any circumstance.

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