3 Ways God Improves My Relationship with Him

Followers of Christ want to grow in that relationship. We desire to be more like Jesus. So how does God work in our hearts and lives? How does He improve my relationship with Him?

Sharon and I recently joined a huddle at our church, and we like at a Mike Breen video that highlighted 3 ways God improves my relationship with Him. Knowing you would want to grow in your relationship with God, I knew I had to share them with you.

1. Eruption: God blasts through.

Think volcano. Lava blasts through from the bottom of the earth. Heat rises and finally can be held in no longer. You walk in the flow of the Spirit. Radical change happens. You were lost, now you are find. The Holy Spirit brings you to faith in Christ, and live is never the same (nor was it meant to be).

2. Erosion: God washes away all the dirt until I see Him.

Some of us need a steady rain. Some need a power wash. We all need the waters of baptism and the forgiveness and new life they bring. Jesus in John 7 speaks of streams of living water flowing in us. He’s speaking of the Holy Spirit, and when the Holy Spirit comes He comes to wash us clean and make us whole.

3. Excavation: God digs deep into my heart.

This is the best place to not only grow, but to plant God’s Word. For it is in the Word of God that the Spirit of God does life transforming work. When God drills down deep into your heart, and plants Himself, He desires to bring a bumper crop. Jesus tells the Parable of the Sower, often nicknamed the Parable of the 4 Soils. One seed is thrown on the path, and the birds eat it. The one seed on the rocky soil, never finds roots for growth. Other seed ends up on soil but is overcome by thorns and weeds, the life choked away. The seed planted in the good soil produces a bumper crop. When God digs deep into your heart, He wants a bumper crop.

File:Pieter Bruegel d. Ä. 030.jpg

Landscape with the Parable of the Sower by Pieter Brugel via Wikicommons

The lesson of the 4 soils is not that the seed changes, for it is the Word of God. The lesson of the 4 soils calls me to look into my heart, and see what soil is there, even better to see and seize the work God’s Spirit desires to do.

Archaeologists excavate to discover hidden treasure. Though know its down deep, so they dig until they find. Our great God digs deep into our heart, to plant His Word, and to bring forth His treasure of growth.

So which way is God reaching you today? Eruption? Erosion? Excavation? Or how have you found another way?


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