The Lift Project: The Leader’s Soul — Simplicity

First time I came back from India, I remember looking at my garage and seeing all the stuff I had in comparison to what I had just seen in 10 days in India. I felt a bit guilty for  all the stuff, and a desire for a life of simplicity. I was ready to make life real simple and manageable.

This past week’s class on The Leader’s Soul with the Lift Project focused on Simplicity. I discovered that Biblical simplicity is more then organizing one’s stuff, it’s focusing one’s life. The opposite of simplicity is not complexity, but duplicity.

One of Bill Hybel’s axiom‘s is “speed of the team, speed of the leader.” Leadership can call for life at warp speed. The challenge is life at that speed can hinder soul growth. Often as the pace of leadership rises, the growth of one’s soul can decline. The challenge of simplicity is to find soul speed that matches the pace of life.

Biblical simplicity is an invitation to focus my life on God. The result is we allow the events of life emerge out of God and my relationship with Him.

In this world the goal of simplicity is to make life more manageable, but that’s not the Bible’s goal. Does Paul’s life become more manageable after he came to faith in Christ? How about Mary and Joseph? Or Moses even with Jethro’s organizational advice?

In her article, Two of Me, Mindy Caliguire shared 4 questions to check to see if I’m living out of simplicity or duplicity:

1. Do I feel overwhelmed by options?

2. Do I feel burdened by impossible demands?

3. Do I buy more then I can afford?

4. Do I frequently desire to be more than I am?

The move from duplicity of being more then God made me to be to simplicity being with the God who made me and is making me to be means identifying boundaries for living and leading.

Sabbath practices are not a weekly option, but a weekly necessity. Taking time to check the gauges of the pace of my life and the growth of my soul to live on God’s speed. This week I discovered I am still learning to do this.

How about you what moves you from duplicity to simplicity?

Want to grow deeper in the soul of your leadership? Sign up for the next class that starts on June 11th here.


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