The Lift Project: The Leader’s Soul — Surrender

Of all the words to chose for a topic title, I have chosen one of the least popular — “Surrender.” We don’t live to give up or give in. A favorite Winston Churchill quote is, “Never, never, never, never (and a whole lot more never’s) give up.” Yet this week’s work in the Leader’s Soul class I am taking in the Lift Project is “Practicing a Daily Prayer of Surrender.” This week’s class in video and reading answered 3 questions, and I’ll ask you a 4th.

What is a prayer a surrender? A point each day when I give myself over to God.

Why pray a prayer of surrender? To make a spiritual commitment, Mindy Caliguire (our teacher) uses the phrase “spiritual transaction”, that is at a deep soul level. As best as I know how I’m saying, “God, I give this day over to You.” The prayer of surrender seeks to daily apply Paul’s challenge of Romans 12:1, “offer ourselves as living sacrifices.”

How do I pray a prayer of surrender? Mindy encouraged us to determine which method will be most helpful to you, and then gave 5 options.

1) Land on you knees. Let the first part of your body to touch the floor when you get out of bed each morning be your knees that remind you to be humble before God and lead you to pray.

2) Poem/Prayer. Mindy shared a prayer she uses that is based on a poem. Some of my classmates shared ones they had come across in the discussion / forums that are part of the class. One of the strengths of the online class experience and not merely a solo learning experience are the great ideas that are shared. One classmate shared a prayer based on Jesus word on the cross, “Father, into Your hands I commit my Spirit.”

3) A 12 step process. It’s really 3 steps. I can’t. He can. So let him. I can’t manage my own life. He can manage my life. So I let Him manage my life. I have learned over the years life goes has a lot better when I get out of God’s way, and get on God’s will.

4) Passage of Scripture. Mindy referred to the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23. I have used this in a couple of ways, one is to simply pray, “Not my will, but your will” as a phrase for meditation and a reminder of Jesus prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. I also seek to start each day before getting out of bed with 4 passages from the Bible that focus my prayers on giving thanks, committing to love God and others, praying for workers in the harvest and for God to bless, and that I not be a burden.

5) Write your own. In case one of the other 4 doesn’t fit your style, then we were encouraged to come up with our own. The goal was not to find the right method, but the right heart.

The challenge is to offer myself on a daily basis to God. That leads to question 4:

When will I begin a prayer of surrender? Let me suggest today. Let me ask you to share how you will proceed. Like the online forum for our class, it is always good to learn from each other.

The Leader’s Soul continues to be a great online class and experience. You can register for the next class that starts on June 11 here.


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