Book Review: Suffering and Evil by Scott Petty

“The Christian life is not based on knowing all the answers, but on a personal relationship with the God who does.” Is that enough for you, when you deal with the issue of suffering and evil in this world?

Scott Petty in his book, “Suffering and Evil” says that’s enough for Job (as in the book of Job in the Bible), and he lays out a strong case in a brief book that this is often the best answer for us.

Little Black Books: Suffering and Evil (cover)

Suffering and Evil” is part of Matthias Media’s, “Little Black Book Series“. They are books that get to the point, and this one does in 3 areas:

1. The question of suffering.

2. The question of evil.

3. The question of God.

3 short chapters, 55 pages, that uses the book of Job as a case study for the issues of suffering, evil and God.

Petty is from Australia, and writes with a bit of Aussie flair, that not only gets to the point but does so in a way that readers will readily relate to and understand. He serves as youth pastor at Christ Church in St. Ives in Sydney, Australia.

Most of the book’s focus in dealing with these 3 topics is the opening 2 chapters and closing 4 chapters of Job. As well he uses the New Testament to enforce the lessons Job teaches.

I have been told that Job is the most popular book of the Bible for those going through times of suffering. Perhaps those in the midst of suffering identify with Job’s own overwhelming experience. Each year when I read through the Bible, Job is a a challenging book because of the depth of pain that Job experiences.

Scott does a great job working through Job and led me to a greater appreciation for the lessons Job teaches. I especially appreciated when he pointed out that in Job 1, God calls Job, “my servant.” And God affirms that relationship in Job 42, still referring to Job as “my servant” even after asking Job question after question.

Most people want why answers when it comes to suffering and evil. Scott does a good job affirming there are not specific why answers to consider.  What we can affirm is that God knows suffering, for Jesus suffered for us. While Satan will seek to pull us away from God with suffering, God will be there to draw us closer.

I appreciate how Scott takes a heavy topic and deals with it in every day language with a bit of an Aussie accent. He uses words from the Bible, but also from life today. This is not a jump into a theological treatise, as much as a dialogue with an Australian friend.

I give the book 4 stars out of 5 for being a good, quick look at the subject of suffering, evil and God. The book would be a good resource for those looking at these 3 areas and seeking to know God in such trying times. The Little Black Book Series is part of Matthias Media youth resources, but are not limited to youth, just written in a way that gets to the point and helps you understand what you are reading.

You check out a glimpse of the book as well as an interview with Scott, by clicking here.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Matthias Media and was not required to give a positive review.




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