Soul Food for Friday: Quotes added to my collection from Primal

I’m a collector of quotes. I don’t know if that’s a “Quotologist” or what the right word is. (If you do, let me know.) I do know when I read a book I collect stories, ideas, and quotes. I love books that start their chapters off with a good quote. I read to feed my soul and fill my files.

When reading Mark Batterson’s book, Primal, I picked up 5 quotes Mark used that I have filed away to add to my “quote” collection and provide this week’s Soul Food for Friday.

1. From Winston Churchill, “The farther backward you look, the further forward you are likely to see.”

2. From Blaise Pascal, “All man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.”

3. From Lawrence Kushner, “According to Rabbinic tradition, every word of sacred Scripture has seventy faces and six hundred thousand meanings.”

4. From Eugene Peterson, a bit longer quote, “The words printed on the page of my Bible give witness to the living and active revelation of the God of creation and salvation, the God of love who became the Word made flesh in Jesus and I had better not forget it. If in my Bible reading I lose touch with this livingness, if I fail to listen to this living Jesus, submit to this sovereignty, and respond to this love, I become arrogant in my knowing and impersonal in my behavior. An enormous amount of damage is done in the name of Christian living by bad Bible reading. Caveat lector, let the reader beware.”

5. From Albert Einstein, “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.”

Churchill reminds me how the lessons God has taught in history, especially my own history, provide a clue and glimpse of the future He is developing for me as a leader in my life.

Pascal reminds me the value of silence and the danger if I don’t take advantage of spending those silent moments with God to shape my life as a leader.

Kushner reminds me of the diamond beauty of Scripture and how its message of God’s love shines like a diamond. Each time I dig into His Word, there is another glimpse from another angle of the beauty of His love at work in this world and in my day.

Peterson reminds me of the alive nature of the Word of God, and if it is not making me more alive, if I am not growing in love, I need to re-examine my reading methods of God’s Word and remind myself again of how the power of God’s Word is when the Holy Spirit is at work through that Word in my life.

Einstein reminds me how science reveals the wonders of creation from glimpse of the view of the Hubble telescope and the intricacies of the DNA pattern in each of our lives.

So quotes are you adding to your “collection”, and how are they speaking into your life this day?


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