Soul Food for Friday: Grace and Prayer

Last Friday I had a chance to hear my favorite author and writer, John Ortberg at Point Loma Nazarene University speak at their Pastor Appreciation Day (some days it pays to be a pastor).

2 quotes he shared stuck out that I have been chewing on all week, one about grace, one about prayer. Both influenced by Dallas Willard.

Dallas Willard says this about grace, “Grace is opposed to earning, not to effort.” Good way to build upon Dietrich Bonhoeffer‘s concept of not living a life of cheap grace, and to utilize life building, life changing grace. Or as I like to say, “Grace is not about earning God’s love, but experiencing and expressing His love to Him and to others.”

The other quote that stuck out from last Friday came from John Ortberg, though I’m sure he would say it’s heavily influenced by Dallas Willard on prayer: “The goal of prayer is an awareness that every word is spoken in the joyful presence of God.”  Chewing on that one, I’m learning that prayer is more then that time when I bow my head, start off with Dear God and end with Amen. God is present in every conversation. He hears every word. All of a sudden the light bulb went off, every word is spoken in the joyful presence of God. Sure has helped my prayer life and conversations this week, hope it feeds your soul as well.



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2 responses to “Soul Food for Friday: Grace and Prayer

  1. Love JO….he was at Willow for many years. It was under his teaching that I came to Christ.

  2. Love that the “goal of prayer is awareness.” That will definitely feed my soul, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sounds like he was a great speaker.

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